The Freshman Fifteen, Part XIII

March 27, 2017: Today

First of all, happy birthday to my dad AND to Harry Potter’s dad. If you’re wondering if that means I’m Harry Potter, I’ll leave you to figure that one out on your own.

Here’s a list of things I could possibly accomplish in the future:

  • Paraglide
  • Travel to Uruguay
  • Get in a fender-bender
  • Work in a job I love
  • Work in a job I hate
  • Buy a house on a lake
  • Scuba dive
  • Purchase a pet chinchilla

Here’s a list of today:

  • Read Matthew 25-26
  • Go to class
  • Work out
  • Do homework
  • Sleep

Maybe you can see why I sometimes have trouble staying in the now.

It’s easy to worry about the future, and it’s easy to look forward it. It’s hard to wake up and go to French class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.

The now isn’t all that glamorous. Today looks ordinary, average, uneventful. It’s easier to look ahead and freak out, positively and negatively, about the unknowns. I wonder about all the wonderful things that could happen to me and all the horrible things that could happen to me. Then, I look up, and another week of my only freshman year of college has passed.

The tomorrows I look forward to will turn into todays. What if I’m still so busy looking ahead to tomorrows that I end up not living any of them?

The now may not be glamorous, but I think it can be glorious if we give God the proper attention. Sure, we keep moving forward, but moving forward requires walking today. Time moves at the exact same pace regardless of our attitude. I would rather spend these minutes focusing on what God is calling me to, rather than dreaming of what I hope He’ll call me to someday.

Of course, there’s a time for everything. There may be times in everyone’s life when today is so painful that the only thing to get you through is hope for tomorrow. That’s okay. But sometimes, we fail to find contentment in the now so we only think about then.

Lately, I’ve tried to concentrate on each day as it comes. I don’t know what I’ll want in the future, where I’ll be, what I’ll be doing. But I know that today, I can love people. I can ask God to give me opportunities to treat others kindly. I can pedal my guts out in spin class. I can do my schoolwork well. I can trust the God who turns His daily things for me into His exciting life for me. I can put in the work here and now to build the life I dream of, rather than just dreaming.

Today might not be so boring after all.

(“The Freshman Fifteen” is a year-long blogging project posting every fifteen days of my freshman year of college. Follow along for life updates, deep thoughts, and everything in between.)


One thought on “The Freshman Fifteen, Part XIII

  1. Today is a great day!  Just finished playing golf & though not playing very well I got to enjoy God’s handiwork. The golf course is in beautiful condition & I really have learned to enjoy it. But Haley… may have never noticed it but we have the most beautiful Japanese Maple! It’s the one next to our waterfall and I am always thrilled this time of year when it comes alive. Maybe it’s my stage in life but I’m learning to enjoy God’s handiwork. Talked to your mom and she told me she drove you back to Auburn last Monday. Haley, if you ever need a ride in either direction….let me know and I would love to help out. And, I know your other gparents would do the same. I note you are reading Matthew 25 & 26. I taught 19 & 20 on Sunday. God always reveals another truth in His Word even though I may have read and perhaps taught it many times. The lesson for me in this scripture was about the rich young man that would not give up his wealth to pursue eternal life. We may think….how dumb! Didn’t he know the “big picture”. But then I think….what is keeping me from an even deeper relationship with our Lord. It’s not money but there may be something else.  Time to think about that! I’m rambling…..But you knowBobby love Haley

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