The Freshman Fifteen, Part XI(A)

February 10, 2017: I Will Absolutely Not Be Lame and Lose My Dedication to the Freshman Fifteen This Semester, But It’s 11:31PM and I Don’t Think You Understand How Much I Have to Sleep

A.k.a, when you still need to post every fifteen days of freshman year because you haven’t missed one yet but you had two assignments due at midnight and you’ve been up since 5:45 in the morning and today a girl in your literature class tried to claim that the Keira Knightley adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is better than the 1995 BBC adaptation which is just so untrue so you can’t write a real post because you’re too upset from that ordeal and tired from everything else. Part B of this post coming soon. Love y’all!

(“The Freshman Fifteen” is a year-long blogging project posting every fifteen days of my freshman year of college. This week it is lame, but it usually is not. Follow along for life updates, deep thoughts, and everything in between.)


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