The Freshman Fifteen, Part IV

September 30, 2016: So Grateful It’s Cheesy

Yesterday, the temperature finally dropped. It felt like fall. I had been telling myself to just hold on until October in order to stop sweating every time I walked out the door, but the sweet, sacred blessing of autumn seemed to show up two days early. You could feel the difference on campus not just in the cooler temperature, but in the atmosphere: students could see the light at the end of the tunnel that is the miserably hot late summer in Auburn (which lasts through the beginning of what’s technically fall).

Basking in the glorious not-sweating-ness, I decided to eat lunch outside. I sat on the lawn in front of Cater Hall under a pretty tree. I was innocently eating my chicken salad and working on homework that was due just two short hours later (whoops), when I saw a tour go by. One of the student recruiter’s friends shouted “War Eagle” to the group, and she had the group shout it back.

And I teared up a little.

Last year, it was me on that tour. I was confused and perpetually stressed about the college decision. I visited Auburn and shouted “War Eagle,” too. I saw students sitting on the grass, reading books, and eating lunch. I dreamed of joining their family someday. Yesterday, I looked around and realized that somehow, I became one of the students sitting on the grass, reading books, and eating lunch. Somehow, I joined the family. Thinking about it made me all sorts of emotional.

Honestly, I’m just grateful. I’m grateful to my parents for the sacrifices, hard work, and personal support that got me to the Plains. I’m grateful to my college counselor for helping me find a college that just fits me to a tee. I’m grateful for all the opportunities ahead of me, whether it’s majors, minors, involvement opportunities, or relationships. I’m grateful for the people I’m growing friendships with. I’m grateful for our sweet victory over LSU last Saturday. I’m grateful for the chance to help out at the Homecoming concert tonight. I’m grateful that I didn’t sweat on the way to class yesterday. I’m grateful most of all to God, who has proved His goodness time and time again to me in the first little bit of my time at Auburn.

Adjustment to college certainly hasn’t been easy. There are days of homesickness, frustration, and loneliness still. I want to be transparent and honest about that. But there are also so many precious moments of light, just like the bright sun shining down on our glorious fall day yesterday. Like the band Cinders says in their song “Last Year’s Winter,” “On the road there are some things that will make it all worthwhile.” Today, I am grateful to God for the good things that are making my freshman year at Auburn more than worthwhile. War Eagle to that.

(“The Freshman Fifteen” is a year-long blogging project posting every fifteen days of my freshman year of college. Follow along for life updates, deep thoughts, and everything in between.)


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