The Freshman Fifteen, Part I

August 16, 2016: Let’s Start from the Very Beginning

(A very good place to start.)

This is it: day one of the next four years. Day one of new friends, of girls from down the hall becoming best buddies, of the relationships that everyone tells me will last a lifetime. Day one of Brit Lit, Public Speaking, and Honors Gender, Wealth, and Philanthropy. Day one of grabbing a granola bar on the way out of the dorm, dining hall lunches, and dinners with suitemates. Day one of getting involved for the sake of getting involved. Day one of late nights studying for finals and late nights laughing until my stomach hurts at Waffle House. Day one of football games in the student section, of screaming “War Eagle” at the top of my lungs, of an eternal sense of pride in the Auburn Tigers. Day one of living out the Creed: of work, hard work; of education; of honesty and truthfulness; of a sound mind, sound body, and spirit that is not afraid; of obedience to law and the human touch; of doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God; of becoming an Auburn woman. Day one of a long series of Instagram-worthy moments when I’m reminded why I made Auburn my home.

It’s day one of my freshman year, and it’s safe to say I’m excited.

Welcome to the Freshman Fifteen: Every fifteen days of my freshman year of college, I’m going to post about what’s new on the Plains. I’m looking forward to a season of creating memories, making friends, and going on lots of adventures, and I hope y’all enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy living it. Thanks for reading, and War Eagle.


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