What I’m Learning Now

I haven’t been on this space much (read: at all) lately. To explain myself, I could tell you about how busy the past couple of months have been, that I graduated high school and started the coolest summer job ever and went to the UK with my family and began preparing for college. I could lament about how I’ve barely had time to pee since the whirlwind that was May started and the hurricane that was June commenced after. I could apologize for how writing has taken a backseat to the craziness of living life.

But in reality, I don’t think I’ve been absent because I’ve been busy. I think the more I learn, the less I have to say. I noticed this back in January, when I started to really prioritize time with Jesus and simultaneously struggled to come up with blog post ideas. As I’ve studied the Bible, I’ve learned so much about God’s character, but He’s too big to sum up in a couple hundred words on this tiny little blog. As I’ve gone through certain circumstances, I’ve learned so much about life, but life is too crazy and unpredictable to write anything solid about it. As I’ve simply lived the past couple of months, I’ve learned that there’s a lot more learning to do.

And even though I haven’t been writing about it, I am definitely learning. I’m learning that reading God’s Word consistently really does open your eyes to understand who He is. I’m learning that video editing is hard. I’m learning that the more tightly you hold onto something, the less peace you have about it. (Thanks for that one, Mom.) I’m learning that it’s okay to acknowledge the good things about yourself as long as you also acknowledge Who gave you them. I’m learning a lot about bravery and taking risks. I’m learning that things that seem scary still have to be done. I’m learning that Mat Kearney is an incredible musician. I’m learning that God is good and faithful, good and faithful, good and faithful.

In all this learning, I’m so busy growing that I often forget to write about it. But my rule of thumb is to never apologize for living life off the screen, so I’m not going to say sorry for taking a bit of a break this summer. I’ve got a lot of cool things planned for the fall that I can’t wait to show all my beautiful readers. But for now, I hope y’all join me, venture out, and continue to enjoy your summer, always making sure to learn while you go. Life is in the learning, friends.


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