The Wind in Your Sails

On Thursday afternoon, I received some pretty disappointing news. I cried for an hour, texted a few of my friends while crying, and talked to my parents while crying some more. After my hour of tears was up, I turned on Fellowship of the Ring and did my nails, trying to distract myself. But when the movie was over, I went straight back to crying. I journaled and called one of my friends, both while still crying, but nothing seemed to help. At long last, I decided to call it quits and go to bed.

As I lay down to go to sleep, I remembered something one of my small group leaders said a few weeks ago. Someone asked her what to do when God doesn’t give you the answer that you want, and she responded, “You sit there and you say, ‘I trust You no matter what,’ until you do.” And that was how I fell asleep on Thursday night: repeating I trust You no matter what over and over in my head until the tears finally stopped and my breathing evened out and my eyes closed for a good night’s rest.

Already God is teaching me so much through this disappointment. He is showing me that He holds us when we grieve, even as He turns our grieving into gratitude. In a display of sovereignty, He takes things away to remind us that they were never really ours in the first place. He withholds things from us, forcing us to let them go, so that we can hold on more tightly to Him. His plan prevails. He is absolutely trustworthy no matter what.

I’ve been listening to “The Voyage” by Amanda Cook on repeat for a while now. This song continues to take on a new meaning for me. Initially, I was listening to it in light of the college decision that I still haven’t made. It was reassuring to me that God would “send the rains wherever we end up.” It made me feel like no matter what college I choose, I can’t screw up His plan. But since Thursday, I’ve listened to it from the flip side: His plan isn’t screwing up, even when it screws up mine. Like the tag of the song says, the Lord is the wind in my sails. That means He’s guiding me to wherever He wants me regardless. When that isn’t where I want to go, He’s still the One who’s large and in charge. When it’s unexpected and undesired, He’s still the One in control. When my circumstances change, He never does. When my situation doesn’t seem good for me, He is still good to me. When it sucks, He’s still sovereign.

The Almighty, trustworthy Lord is the wind in our sails. We’re going to get where we need to be, y’all. Thank goodness, and thank God.


Be a Honey-Roaster


Last night, I went to a partay. So Worth Loving, a company I’ve followed/been in love with for a couple years, opened their first retail space, and I went to the celebration with my mom, sister, aunt, and friend. It began as many SWL events do: lots of people, so much cuteness, photo booths, saying hi to the staff, obsessing over the new products on sale. As the night went on, my friend and I met a few new people and talked with them for a while about ENOs, crazy roommates, and life. Though the weather was a little chilly, we stood on the back patio and just marveled at the beauty of this community. So Worth Loving is one of the safest places I have found, where you can literally just walk up to strangers and talk. I’m so, so grateful for that.

And I was even more grateful after we had a honey-roast.

Y’all, it was kind of cray. As my friend and I talked to the girls we had met, we noticed a group of about twenty twentysomethings standing in a circle and clapping every once in a while. They noticed our confused glances and invited us to join, explaining that they were having a honey-roast. In case you don’t know, “roasts” are basically when a bunch of people make fun of someone and say mean things about that person. They might be joking, and they might not. But this was a “honey-roast,” so instead of being rude and critical, someone would stand in the middle of the circle and three or four people would say really nice things about them. It was full of truth, bravery, and depth. The whole point was just making people feel valued, loved, seen, and known. How cool is that?

It felt new and familiar all at the same time. It felt like family and friends. It felt amazing, encouraging, and uplifting. It felt like the kind of thing I want to do for the rest of my life. The SWL family is this beautiful intersection of a message and a community, and that’s never been more evident to me than last night. It’s not about a shirt: it’s about love. There was love on that back patio last night.

So, inspired by friends new and old last night, here’s my challenge to you and to me today: One person. Just pick one person that you are going to honey-roast the heck out of. Tell them face to face or pick up the phone and call them. Let them know how much they mean to you. Let them know your favorite thing about them. Remind them of who they are and where they’re heading. And then head into this week (knowing that you’re amazing and are going to kick butt at all of the things) intent to be a honey-roaster. It requires bravery and boldness, but it’s going to be so worth it.

Just imagine that world. A world full of people who aren’t afraid to say the things on their mind and in their heart. A world full of encouragers and truth-tellers. A world full of the kindest honesty. I truly do believe that together, we can make this crazy world we live in look a lot like a honey-roast. It starts with you, and your one person, and me and my one person, today. As cheesy as it sounds… let’s be honey-roasters, y’all.