Songs for the Snow


If you know me, then you know I hate the cold. I am a bundler and donner of immense amounts of knitwear, I sometimes drive to school in a Snuggie, and I welcome those random 70 degree days in the middle of winter with my Chacos and open arms. This winter was cold, as winters are wont to be, and I needed a killer playlist to get me through it. Here are my songs for the snow!*

*Yes, it did snow, a whole two times for at least half an hour.

  • Matthew Mole. This man is amazing and makes me cry. His voice and accent are the perfect balance of rough and polished, and his lyrics are beautifully written. The messages in his songs are cute, positive, or both. While he’s simply enjoyable to listen to, his music also has meaning and makes you think. His whole album will also be featured in my wedding someday. I recommend Matthew Mole to anyone looking for something fun and acoustic, but also deep and rich in meaning. Favorite songs: “The Wedding Song,” “Take Yours, I’ll Take Mine,” and “Same Parts, Same Heart.”
  • “Jackrabbit” by San Fermin. This song is catchy, upbeat, and different. Though the female vocalist has insane range, she shows it off well without it feeling excessive. The instrumentation is really unique and driving. Recommended for fans of Florence and the Machine or if you’re just looking for something fun.
  • Sleeping At Last. Sleeping At Last creates a really interesting, wide range of music, from beautiful instrumental to singer-songwriter. I like his instrumental stuff and his other music equally, because I think he carries over awesome musical skill into both types. The messages in his lyrics are absolutely gorgeous, really positive, and well communicated. His music leaves you feeling uplifted, optimistic, and hopeful, and I highly recommend powering through his Atlas album whenever you get the chance (or if you’re maybe writing an entire four-page paper in one night lol not like I did that or anything). Favorite songs: “You Are Enough,” “Sun,” and “Pluto.”
  • “It’s Alright Now” by Bombay Bicycle Club. Oh my goodness, I love this song so much. I never, ever skip it when it comes on. The instrumentation is driving and different and the perfect complement to the vocals, and it’s just a fun jam, especially in the car. Recommended for people looking for something unique, but not too strange.
  • “Pierre” by Ryn Weaver. Ryn Weaver’s vocals are both pretty and bold. This song is fun to dance to or to just listen to and sort of bob your head (because you definitely can’t help but bob your head). The music behind her vocals works really well with her voice and the tone of the song. I recommend this song for fans of Florence and the Machine again (or “Jackrabbit” above). (Other songs of hers that I like include “Free” and “Traveling Song.”)
  • Empires by Hillsong United. After seeing Hillsong United perform live at Passion, I started listening to the Empires album, and OMG it’s really good. Hillsong’s lyrics are beautiful and unique, praising God without being cheesy about it. Overall, this is a more chill worship album, but it still has some good builds and climaxes. Recommended for someone who wants non-stereotypical Jesus jams. Favorite songs: “Heart Like Heaven,” “Touch the Sky,” and “Here Now (Madness.”

And that’s my winter playlist! Hope you enjoy!


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