Favorite Books of 2015

Well, this is embarrassing. I’ve read half as many books as I did last year. That meager 25 is staring back at me from my Goodreads shelf and filling me with shame.

Nevertheless, there are some really good books on my tiny shelf. These are my favorite books of 2015.

  1. A Lot of Butt-Kicking – the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

    Throne of Glass follows Celaena Sardothien, an eighteen-year-old assassin, as she fights to become the King’s Champion and win her freedom. The next two books in the series uncover the political turmoil in the kingdom of Adarlan and Celaena’s role in it. I love this series for many reasons: the action scenes are intense, the writing is detailed and poetic, and the characters and their relationships are captivating. The best thing about ToG, though, has got to be Celaena herself. She’s fierce, she’s strong, she’s flawed, and she absolutely slays (often literally). I recommend this series to any and all fantasy fans.
  2. Ugly Crying – If You Find This Letter by Hannah Brencher

    Hannah Brencher has been one of my favorite writers for a while, and If You Find This Letter just made me love her even more. This book details HB’s stay in New York, battle with depression, and eventual founding of one of my favorite movements, More Love Letters. If You Find This Letter is deep, rich, and truthful. If you’re looking to learn about yourself, God, the world around you, and your place in it, or if you just want a good ugly cry, then this book is for you.
  3. Surprisingly Not Depressing – Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon 

    Everything, Everything 
    also earned a spot on my “so cute I cry” shelf, if that’s any indication of how wonderful this book is. If that and the gorgeous cover above haven’t already enticed you to read it, then you should know that it follows Madeline, a teenage girl who’s essentially allergic to the world, and her relationship with Olly, a new neighbor. I love Everything, Everything for its creative writing style, wonderful characters who bring me joy, thematic depth, and a twist ending. If you like cuteness, if you like contemporaries, if you like creativity, if you like PoC main characters, then you should definitely pick up Everything, Everything (and then check out my review here!).

  4. Pride and Prejudice-Ception – The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by Bernie Su and Kate Rorick and The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet by Kate Rorick and Rachel Kiley


    It’s no secret that I love Pride and Prejudice. I wrote my Common App essay about it, it’s the first book I read on my kindle freshman year, it’s the reason I’ve read all five of Jane Austen’s other novels, and it’s why I’m forcing my family to take a detour to Bath this summer. These two books are a spinoff on a spinoff of this beloved tale of first impressions. “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” is a YouTube video adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel, and those videos were then re-adapted into Secret Diary, whose follow-up (told from Lydia’s POV) is Epic Adventures. Confusing, I know, but basically: these two books are excellent retellings of Pride and Prejudice. The main characters’ voices are strong, the modernizations are clever, the character development is wonderful, and the relationships are on point. I recommend Secret Diary and Epic Adventures to anyone who loves Pride and Prejudice, “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” or both. (You can check out my review for Epic Adventures here!)

That’s it for my favorite books of 2015! I’m planning my 2016 TBR now and hoping that it will be a better year for reading. Feel free to check out my 2014 favorites and all my book reviews as well. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’re having a lovely holiday season filled with lots of books!


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