I forgot what I learned this summer.

Six months ago (has it really been that long?), I think one of the biggest lessons God taught me was the power of a simple affirmative. I can be shy and introverted, so my natural instincts are often to decline any sort of social function. It’s easy to say no: to give a noncommittal shrug, an apology, an excuse. And I absolutely believe that there are appropriate, wise times to say no.

But I also believe that our yeses might end up surprising us.

I forgot this and went into survival mode this fall. After a summer of crazy adventures, hiking tall mountains, pulling one and only one all nighter, meeting new people, playing putt putt, and having so much fun… school came, stress came, and Busy Haley came. Busy Haley is often too overwhelmed with homework or responsibilities to say yes to fun, to silliness, to being in high school. She also kind of sucks sometimes.

But tonight, she was gone as I remembered.

Say yes to the event that’s on the other side of town. Say yes to introducing yourself to the girls from Miami. (You’ll end up talking to them the entire night, btw.) Say yes to Life Things. There are school things, prefect things, babysitting things, expected things. But say yes to Life Things. (Maybe they’re what this whole thing is all about, anyway.) 

There are a thousand excuses you can make to say no. Just like how there’s never a good time to get sick or a good time for your car to break down, there’s never a “good time” for Life Things. They come right in the middle of everything else and seem inconvenient, untimely, and out of the way. But they’ll surprise you. They’ll remind you of the good things. Saying yes to Life Things is worth it. Tonight, I said yes to driving across town and talking to strangers from Miami and taking goofy photo booth pictures, and it was amazing. Awesome. Breathtakingly wonderful. One of those times that leave you smiling at God because He knew all along exactly what you needed. When you say yes, He uses Life Things to be exactly what you needed.

It might be just me, but I’m ready to say yes more. I want a life that’s more than just responsibilities, homework, reports, exams, and fulfilling expectations. I want a life full of Life Things, and I’m definitely saying yes to that.


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