I’m Sorry

I’m really sorry.

Part 3 of Senioritis was accidentally published last night when it wasn’t supposed to be. (Those “Save Draft” and “Publish” buttons are dangerously close together.) I took it down almost immediately, but those of you who subscribe to me via email still have it, and it’s y’all that I need to apologize to.

For my readers who aren’t subscribed to me via email, the gist of the post was that I feel that outside sources are putting too much pressure on me in terms of my future (college, major, career choices, etc.). A post that had the potential to speak up on behalf of those interested in the humanities instead of STEM and provide an insightful perspective of a student turned into a blame-fest. It really shouldn’t have been that way.

As I wrote it, the post developed into more of an attack than anything else, and I deeply regret it. I am so, so sorry to any readers who felt blame, guilt, or other negative emotions as a result of that post. It came out of a place of frustration and anger, when in reality I know that college questions and advice are not the result of any desire to pressure me, but rather to relate to me and show interest in my life. I’m glad for that, and I’m sorry I forgot and lost my cool. I hope y’all can forgive me. I’d like to take this opportunity to turn it around and say thank you: to those of you who forward me articles about scholarships, who ask me about what my next steps are, who try to relate to me by bringing up coworkers’ or friends’ kids who are currently enrolled in college. I’m grateful that y’all are investing in my life, and I’m grateful that you’re here. Please, keep forwarding me those articles and giving me advice. I know it all comes out of a place of love, and that’s all I can ask for. I’m deeply sorry for the things I said and the hurt I may have caused.

Because of this little crisis, I’ve decided to take a break.

I know Basically Hermione just got a makeover, but it needs a different one that goes a little deeper, too. Think Cher’s soul makeover in Clueless. I’m taking a step back to really think about what this space needs to be. It definitely should not be a place for self-righteous whining or pointing fingers ever again. So, other than book reviews, you won’t be seeing me until it’s considered an appropriate time for stores to have Halloween merchandise. I’m sorry and I’d like to thank y’all for sticking with me through this. My creative juices need a new recipe, and even though it’s happening because of a royal screw-up, I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you soon.


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