God is faithful.

When I think about the baptisms I’ve witnessed, the videos of friends’ stories that I’ve cried over. The people I grew closer to over difficult circumstances. Other difficult circumstances that remained difficult circumstances. The inspirational words, pictures, and companies that found me at just the right time. The regrets I have about how stupid I was as a freshman. Where I was at this time last year versus where I’m at now, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. My trip to Haiti this summer. The kids I volunteer with at church.

That’s what it boils down to. God is faithful.

He will never leave us or forget us. He will never abandon us to try and do this life thing on our own. Even when we don’t understand, when we don’t get to go on the mission trip, when we don’t succeed at the thing we’ve been wanting to succeed at for forever: His plan prevails.

When I start to doubt this, baptisms are the first thing that comes to mind. At our church, people getting baptized film their stories, and the videos are shown before the dunking itself. Two of my very close friends have been baptized in the past six months, and whenever I find myself wavering, I think about that. I think about sitting in the audience and crying like a baby. I think about how I met both of those people, the light God has shown me through them. Their stories have intersected with mine in wondrously beautiful ways, and it reminds me that there is an Author up there. Even on the nights spent crying over the phone, the days when I was almost too exhausted to say hello: He was writing our stories, scripting them together to build a Kingdom that will always remain infinitely greater than anything my two hands could construct.

God is faithful. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, or I don’t see it working in my life. But there will be a giant playlist of baptism videos in heaven, because in the end, everything is okay. God is faithful. And that’s so much more beautiful than anything we could ever want or need.


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