Hufflepuff Problems

If you type “Hufflepuff” into Google, the second suggested search is “Hufflepuff jokes.”


I am a proud Hufflepuff, but in a fandom that’s known for its understanding and acceptance, I get a buttload of hate for it. The thing is, I’m pretty sure we haven’t done anything to deserve this…

  • According to the Sorting Hat song, we are just, loyal, true, and unafraid of toil. (None of these are bad qualities.)
  • Also according to the Sorting Hat song, Helga Hufflepuff didn’t have some sort of bravery or intelligence requirement for accepting students into her house; she just welcomed everyone who displayed even a hint of magical ability. How much more awesome can you get?
  • In the Battle of Hogwarts, students who were old enough were given the opportunity to stay behind and fight instead of escaping to Hogsmeade. Hufflepuff had the second highest number of students staying behind (after Gryffindor). Also, Hufflepuff had the second highest membership in Dumbledore’s Army in Harry’s fifth year (after Gryffindor).
  • The Hufflepuff common room is right next to the kitchens. Midnight snacks without having to walk through a creepy castle at night? I vote yes.
  • Nymphadora Tonks was a Hufflepuff. If you don’t want to be at least a little bit like Tonks, are you really a fan of Harry Potter? Cedric Diggory was also Hufflepuff, and he was chosen as the most worthy out of all the eligible Hogwarts students for the Triwizard Tournament. Newt Scamander, “author” of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and main character in the upcoming films, was also a Hufflepuff. (John Green, celebrated author/Youtuber/generally awesome human being, is a Hufflepuff as well.)
  • J.K. Rowling tweeted that there are diamonds in our hourglass used for keeping track of points, so there’s that.
  • Queen Rowling legitimately said that in many ways, Hufflepuff is her favorite house. Do you want to disagree with the queen? Do you?

Hufflepuffs deserve more acceptance and appreciation from the Harry Potter fandom. Because if you don’t start giving us what we deserve, we’ll… we’ll… er… probably bake you cookies or something. But we might burn them in vengeance. Just slightly. Or maybe put in too many chocolate chips.

So there. Respect us. (Please.)


2 thoughts on “Hufflepuff Problems

  1. Yes! Hufflepuffs Unite!

    We are, in general, the best people – not ruled by emotion or ambition or even logic. We act based on a sense of justice and right. Yes, we get tread on and are undervalued, but it’s because we don’t seek glory or fame. We seek peace and unity. Plus, snacks!

    Thanks for speaking out for all of us Hufflepuffs. You’ll make a great Triwizard Champion!

  2. I’m personally a Ravenclaw, but Hufflepuff is my second favourite house (after Ravenclaw) A lot of my friends are Hufflepuffs and they are awesome. But a lot of people I know, find it highly offensive if they get sorted into Hufflepuff because they think it’s the worst of the lot and I find that plain stupid.
    So go Hufflepuffs!

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