Haiti Day 3: Continues to Speak

Monday morning in Haiti dawned bright and early to the crowing of roosters, which I heard from my bunk bed underneath my mosquito net. (Waking up in Haiti is a very different experience from waking up in the U.S.) That morning, our team went on a Jericho Walk. This was a (mostly) silent walk through the community which we used as a silent time for prayer. That afternoon, we played with kids at a local children’s center, a program designed to bring local kids together in a Christian environment. The first day, all we did was bring craft supplies, a soccer ball, and other toys and just play. The little girls I hung out with absolutely adored jump rope.

On Haiti Day 3 I felt God pressing several messages on my heart. Many of them were during our Jericho Walk, when I spoke about two words to Him and He just flooded my mind with His truth. He told me that His way is so much better than anything I could ever come up with. His way is so much more than petty jealousies or gossip that could ruin our team dynamic; His way is so much more than letting my stomachaches (which were unfortunately frequent those first few days) get in the way and make me in a bad mood; His way is so much more than worry about what my team or the Haitian locals thought of me. His way is nothing but love. And it’s not that He doesn’t have a plan to use all of those things or to help us through them: it’s that His will for us offers things that are a million times better.

God also gave me the reassurance that I was smack dab in the middle of His Kingdom in Haiti. I am very much a natural worrier who habitually questions whether or not I’m doing the right thing. To hear His voice telling me that “Yes, you are in the center of My will for you,” was pure peace. It also gave me a desire to experience His Kingdom in new ways, to seek out His purpose for my life with a new fervor. I want more of Him.

The other main message that God told me on Monday in Haiti was that we are all His children. He continued to affirm this throughout my trip: Haitian or American, we are all human beings with faults and flaws, gifts and talents… and we are all radically loved by our Savior. We are all made unique in His image. Those who are materially wealthy are not called to look down on those who are “less fortunate.” We as Christians, whether the world sees us as rich or poor, are called to love all of God’s children: to love the world, not just our world. We are one in Christ.

On Haiti Day 3 God continued to speak into my heart about His will, His Kingdom, and His love. His voice gave me the joy and peace that I needed for the day and for the entire trip. My prayer is that, even though I’m back in the States now, He will continue to lead me, teach me, and guide me. After all, the same God who was with me in Haiti is still with me now. He is constant, and He is always speaking. We just have to listen.


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