Haiti Day 2: With the Hard Things

Haiti Day 2 was filled with a bus ride and a lot of culture shock. In the morning, our team left the hotel (a.k.a. the only air-conditioned building we would see all week) and took a three hour, mountainous drive into Bohoc, the community we stayed and worked in all week. For pretty much the entire ride, the view was fantastic, alternating between gorgeous valleys and the ocean. The mountains in Haiti are beautiful; several times throughout the week, I would be looking down as I walked (to avoid tripping) and only remember when I looked up that I was surrounded by God’s amazing creation.

Upon arrival in Bohoc, we got settled and then set out in smaller groups to pray for people in the community. We visited the homes of several families, and my group got to meet a man who was one hundred and five years old! As the afternoon went on, however, I found myself becoming less and less joyful and more and more angry. I had a front row seat to poverty, and part of me wanted to scream at God. Why was He letting this happen to these beautiful people?

But then our Bible study that night hit me hard: “God so loved the world” is not the same thing as “God so loved my world.” It’s easy for me to think about God loving my friends, family, and those who treat me well. It’s much harder for me to think about God loving those that I don’t get along with or those who are in extreme suffering. As I journaled and prayed that night, I surrendered up the poverty in Haiti to God. I told Him that I trusted His plan not only for myself, but for the people of Haiti.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters wherever You would call me.

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

And my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.”

This quote from the song “Oceans” (which was our jam on my ukulele all week) perfectly described what God was asking me to do. All summer He had been leading me toward more dependence on Him, and now, facing the poverty in Haiti, He was asking me to simply trust Him. Trust Him with the things entirely out of my control. Trust Him with the things I didn’t understand. Trust Him with the things I wanted to fix but couldn’t. God called me out upon the waters in Haiti, and it was hard. But I am learning to trust Him completely with the hard things.


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