Emily Hearn Is Just Plain Fun

Emily Hearn has been one of my favorite musicians ever since I heard her open up for a Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors concert this past fall. Her voice is pretty in a very simple, uncomplicated way, and her sound is consistent throughout all of her music but each song is still different and unique. She keeps things fresh and new without ever branching too far out into the “what the heck is in my ears” zone. Her writing covers a range of emotions within relationships. And… she’s also a really nice human.

“But wait, Haley,” you might say. “How do you know that Emily Hearn is a nice human? It’s not like you’re her bestie.”

While I am unfortunately not Emily Hearn’s best friend (yet), I do know that she is a nice human because… I met her. *ensue excited squeals* Yes, yes, I have met this fabulous musician, the writer and performer of such epics as “Like Ships Need the Sea” and “Rooftop.” I have seen her with my actual eyes and taken selfies with her with my actual camera.

Emily Hearn was leading worship at my church retreat this past week, and I tweeted at her pretty consistently to try and meet her. On the last day of the retreat, she tweeted and said that she could meet up with me during free time. I almost died. I showed up with my friend and small group leader in tow, she showed up with her husband (they are perfect together, by the way), and we talked for over an hour about everything from music to Harry Potter. That’s right, she’s a Harry Potter fan. Could this girl get any cooler? (The answer is no because she’s the coolest.)

I got to ask her questions about her upcoming album (which she is currently recording) and meet some other fans, who were also super nice. She even asked me about my music, which I felt totally unworthy to talk about. This girl has songs that people buy, songs that I listen to in my car, songs that she performs in concerts… and she’s asking me about my music? Overall, Emily Hearn just seemed so genuine, down-to-earth, and grateful for her fans. I’m so incredibly glad to have found her music and so incredibly blessed to have met her. Emily Hearn is going places.

Now for some suggestions! If you’re in the mood for songs about heartbreak, check out the album Paper Heart, other than the song “Rooftop” (because it’s not about heartbreak), which you should listen to anyway because it will make you feel better about your heartbreak. If you’re in the mood for songs to listen to as you aggressively squeal with happiness over cute couples doing cute things, try “Found a Heart” or “Gotta Have Him” or “Like Ships Need the Sea.” If you’re needing someone to put into words what you’re feeling about a friend, please please please listen to “Cutting Ties.” My faves are probably “Paper Heart” and “Cutting Ties,” so if you’re just in the mood for some good music, check those out and support this amazing artist!


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