Hello, Internet, and welcome to this thing.

Basically, I suck at introductions and at this point you should probably just stop reading. I wish I could just jump right into the pool of blog, but I am not a jump right into the pool kind of girl. I am a test the waters kind of girl, and also one who likes ceremony. It would feel wrong to start without an introductory post.

First, you should hop on over to my about page and read all about me because I’m a narcissist and that makes me feel better. (Not really.)

Also, and this is probably just me, but I feel like the font on this theme is enormous. For some reason it’s stressing me out. Feel free to zoom out if it’s stressing you out, too. I won’t be offended. (Someone please explain to me why I thought that was funny.)

I will also now explain to you that on this little thing of mine, you can expect to read posts of four types:

  1. Music recommendations. I listen to a lot of acoustic/singer-songwriter stuff, so I will probably be posting a lot of recommendations of artists and songs who aren’t very well known.
  2. Book reviews. I heart reviewing books as I detail what I liked and didn’t like, as well as my favorite scenes and characters.
  3. Christian blurbs. Sometimes, God will lay it on my heart to write a thing, and I will write that thing.
  4. Other crap. I’ve been known to write from the point of view of my hair, so I really have no idea what this category will contain.

Feel free to pick and choose which of these you would like to read. I hope you enjoy the world of blog. (Ugh, you guys, that was so cheesy. Help.)


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